European Rail Tickets

Travelling in Europe by rail is quickly becoming the thing to do. With high speed services crossing the continent it is now faster then ever to reach your destination.

With Eurostar services travelling from central London to Central Paris in 2h15 minutes and fares starting from only £69 it is greener, cheaper and quicker to take the train rather then fly!

Point-to-Point tickets in many European countries are our speciality. From Paris to Rome, Brussels to Cologne, London to Budapest or wherever you wish. We will recommend the best route to reach your destination.

And don't forget to ask for tickets from your home station, in most cases we can offer CIV tickets to London International. These fares, in addition to including the London Underground from your terminal station to London St Pancras, offer a level of flexibility and assurance that normal ATOC tickets don't. If your connecting train is late then Eurostar are bound by the International Conditions of Carriage (Convention Internationale pour le transport des Voyageurs or CIV) to carry you on the next available service.

Please call our specialist staff on 01766 515630 with your requirements or send us an Email.

Please note that we cannot offer an instant quotation service. Each and every enquiry is handled personally by one of our skilled and specialist travel consultants who will use their experience and specialist knowledge to work out the most appropriate route, timings and tickets for your journey. The more detail that you can supply us the more tailored to your requirements your quotation will be. This may sometimes take a little longer than we would like but be assured of our personal service.