Frequently Asked Questions

Will you post me my tickets or can you email them to me?
If you live in the UK, tickets will be sent to you by Royal Mail Special Delivery if the ticket value is over £100 otherwise by first class post. If you live outside of the UK we will courier the tickets to you by DHL. Unfortunately it is not possible to email the tickets to you.

My seat numbers aren't consecutive, will we be sitting together?
If you made the enquiry for all the passengers at the same time then you will be sat together. If it has not been possible to sit you together due to the volume of passengers on the train then we will have advised you of this at the quotation stage of the booking. You will find some seating plans in the download section of this website.

My journey involves crossing Paris can you supply tickets for the metro?
Yes we can, tickets cost £1.40 per adult for a single journey. Child tickets cost 70p.

What's the difference between first class and second class?
First class seats are generally larger with more space in the cabin. On some routes meals are included in the price of a first class ticket. Generally first class is quieter and there can be fewer children. Eurostar and some Spanish trains have two tiers of First class a leisure class and a business class. First class fares are generally half as much again as the second class fare, however some special offers reduce this difference.

How old is a child?
The age of a child varies depending which country you are in e.g. in the UK children are aged under 16, in France children are aged under 12 and in Germany children are aged under 15. When you make your first enquiry please tell us the ages of all passengers travelling and we will supply the appropriate fare.

Is the fare cheaper if I purchase a railcard?
Railcards are available and give discount in the UK for travellers aged 16-25, over 60 or those travelling with children. However these railcards do not offer any discount for travel on the continent. We can supply the French versions of these cards which my give you some discount but unless you are making a lot of journeys within France it is likely that there would be no advantage in purchasing them. We will work out the best and cheapest way to make your journey and inform you if there is an advantage in purchasing any type of railcard. Please tell us if you already hold one.

I've been told that buying single tickets is cheaper then return tickets, is this correct?
On some occasions single tickets are cheaper then returns, please give us your complete journey and we will give you the cheapest option.

Can I change the travel date?
Once issued most tickets are only valid for travel on the dates and times printed on the ticket. If you need to change your travel dates let us know as soon as you can and we can advise you of the cheapest way to make the change, please note in most cases this will involve purchasing new tickets.

Do I need to validate my ticket?
All your tickets are ready to use, if you're travelling in Belgium, France or Italy your tickets will need to be validated before you board the train. To do this insert the end of the ticket in the orange/yellow box at the entrance to the platform/station and the date and time will be printed on it.

What do I do if the train is late?
If your train is late contact the onboard staff who will be able to advise you on how late the train is and endorse your ticket if it looks like you're going to miss your onward connection.

What do I do if I miss the connection?
If you miss your connection speak to a member of station staff, if you have missed your connection due to a late running train then you will be accommodated on the next available service, if you have non changeable tickets and you miss the train due to your own fault then you may have to purchase new tickets, however speak to the station staff in the first instance.

Do I have to keep all the tickets?
We recommend that you keep hold of all your tickets until you have arrived back home. If you have any difficulties on your journey you will have to return all the tickets to us so that we can investigate.

How much luggage can I take?
Eurostar, Thalys and some other high speed operators allow 2 pieces of baggage plus one piece of hand baggage however in reality you can only take as much as you can carry. Remember that in most stations you will need to negotiate staircases or escalators.

Can I take my bicycle?
Bicycles can be taken on most trains providing they have been folded down and placed in a bike bag.

Can I take my pet to Europe?
No. Pets are not allowed on Eurostar.

How can I pay for my tickets?
We accept payment via debit card, cheques and BACS, or if you would prefer we can accept payment by credit card subject to a 2% surcharge. Unfortunately we are unable to accept Diners or American Express. Payment via cheque must be made at least 3 weeks prior to travel to ensure the cheque has enough time to clear.

Can I pick my tickets up from your office?
Yes you are more than welcome to visit us in our offices which are situated in the Snowdonia Business Park, Penrhyndeudraeth, North Wales. We do ask however that if you are collecting tickets you call us first to make payment. This is so we can issue all the tickets and have them ready for you to collect as depending on the size of the booking ticket issuing can take some time.

How far in advance can I book?
Reservations for Eurostar are available from 4 months prior to the date of travel, the majority of Europe can be booked from three months however some trains cannot be booked until 60 days or 45 days and in some rare cases only 15 days before you travel. If you give us your planned travel dates around 4 months before you want to go we can make the reservations as they become available. If you are booking for the Disney train or Ski train these are often available to book much further in advance.

What is the cheapest day to travel?
There is no particular day that is cheaper to travel on than any other, however if you are booking close to your departure date you may find that Fridays to Mondays have fewer seats at the cheapest rate. Also this applies in peak times, during major sporting events and during school holidays.

How do I get the cheapest tickets?
Make your booking as far in advance as possible, when making your initial enquiry please give us as much information as possible such as ages and railcards.

Do I have to pay for my baby?
Babes in arms, under 3 years old, do not require a ticket. In the UK children under 5 years do not require a ticket. This means that they will not have a seat or bed allocated to them. If you need a seat for your youngster please tell us. In France this is relatively cheap, but in the UK and the rest of Europe a child ticket is required to guarantee a seat for a child.

What buffet car facilities are available?
This varies tremendously from one train to another. On local trains, commuter services, and even some long distance or overnight trains you will not find any catering facilities. Some trains have full dining cars; others have bar coaches or trolleys. We recommend taking at least a bottle of water and some food with you just in case.

Is there wireless internet access available?
Very few trains have wireless internet facilities, though most modern trains have power sockets for laptops and mobile phones. London St Pancras, Paris Nord and Brussels Midi now have wireless network for passengers. Free Wi-Fi is available in the Business Lounges.

What should I expect on an overnight train?
Overnight trains vary from country to country, on most you have a choice of reclining seats (not recommended) couchettes (available in 4 or 6 berth) single, double and triple sleepers. On some premium overnight trains there are sleeper compartments with an ensuite shower and w/c. Sleepers aren't classed as such, on some occasions you will need a first class ticket and others a second class ticket but this depends on the route itself rather than the type of compartment.

Who can have an InterRail pass?
InterRail passes are available for anyone who has been resident in Europe for at least 6 months. In first and second class, children (under 12) pay half fare and youths (under 26) receive a discount in 2nd class.

I use a wheelchair, can I book assistance?
Assistance can be pre-booked in the UK, you will need to telephone the relevant train operating company once you have received your tickets. Assistance in Europe cannot be pre-booked however the station staff will assist you when asked.

Can I book forward facing seats?
It is not possible to book forward facing seats in Europe as many trains change direction en-route. Unfortunately this facility has not been built in to any booking system.

What about time differences across Europe?
All times quoted to you are local times.

Can I book a taxi across Paris?
Yes we suggest calling 'Come to France' on + 33 1 48 74 05 10

Can I book vegetarian/kosher/Muslim/vegan meals?
We can specify a specific dietary requirement (either vegetarian, kosher, Muslim or vegan) for your Eurostar booking. Please specify this when you make your enquiry.

The beds we have been booked are not consecutive, am I sharing with someone else?
If you made the enquiry for all the passengers at the same time then your beds will be in the same compartment. For sleeper compartments berths are assigned a two digit number the first digit indicates the compartment number the second the individual berth. Whether you have booked a single, double or triple compartment the numbering is often the same, compartments are paired together with the bottom berths being numbered 1 and 2 the middle berths are 3 and 4 and the top 5 and 6 so a two berth compartment will have berths 22 and 26.

Can I buy a timetable?
Not at present, however we hope that timetables will be available to purchase from early 2014.

Can I buy a map?
Not at present, however watch this space for further information.

My friend made the same journey as me last month, why are my ticket more expensive?
Fares vary depending on when you booked and how busy the trains are. Fares vary from day to day we will book you the cheapest fare at the time.

My ticket doesn't say senior, have I paid too much?
We have booked you the cheapest rate available when you made the booking, on some routes there are 'offer' fares available which are cheaper the 'senior' rate, if this is the case then we will book you the cheaper fare.

Do you need to see my railcard?
If you are visiting our office then please bring your railcard with you, however if you are purchasing the tickets via email or on the phone we will trust that you have the relevant card. Whether you have shown us your railcard or not you will need to take it on the train with you and present it with the reduced tickets.