Balkan Rail Pass

Travel with ease on the national rail networks of the Balkan Region.

The Balkan Flexipass offers unlimited First Class Rail travel in the following countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia (FYRM), Serbia and Montenegro (former Yugoslavia), Romania and Turkey.

Passes are also valid on some of the Suburban "Proastiakos" trains connecting Athens Airport to Athens and Korinthos as well as the trains between Athens and Korinthos.

First Class Only 5 days in one month 10 days in one month 15 days in one month
Adult £164 £285 £344
Child £82 £143 £172
Youth £98 £171 £206
Senior £131 £229 £275

We make a £5 cover charge on each pass and would recommend that the passes are sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery at a cost of £7.00.

In order to issue the pass we will require each passengers full name, date of birth and passport number.

Please contact us on 01766 515630 for more information or to buy a pass.